Outsource your customer support to the experts.

Outsource customer service like live chat, tickets, emails, and voice calls to the eCommerce and SaaS experts.

Outsourcing your customer support has never been this easy.

At HiredSupport, our team of CX specialists strives to deliver exceptional customer experience for our clients. We offer a comprehensive 24/7 support service, including live chat, email, tickets, voice support, back office processing, transcription, data entry, and more.

Our aim is to improve CX, reduce operational costs, and boost revenue for our clients.


  • Cost: $$
  • Employees: 10-49
  • Quality: 5.0
  • Rancho Cucamonga, California
  • Founded 2015
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Operations Manager, VPN & Proxy Provider

Customer Support for Proxy & VPN Business

``What I found most unique was their passion to really just do better.``

Feedback summary:
HiredSupport has helped reduce response times dramatically, and they're as reliable as in-house team members thanks to how much they understand the provider's brand. The customer satisfaction rating has also jumped to a record 91%. They're passionate about success and self-improvement.

Operations Manager, Online Marketing Company

BPO Support for Online Marketing Company

``If there is something that the agents don’t understand, then they will get in touch directly.``

Feedback summary:
Providing cost-effective, effective chat support, HirdSupport's agents are more than satisfactory to the client. They've developed end-customers trust in the client through timely resolution of issues. Future customers will encounter a detailed partner that communicates clearly and directly.

Cris West

Director of Operations, Healthy Stuff Online Ltd

``They had a very effective workflow.``

Feedback summary:
Thanks to HiredSupport's remarkable efforts, the company's customer satisfaction score reached 90%. Their regular training along with their attentiveness strengthened the engagement.