Keeping your business open 24/7 with live answering and BPO Services

We merge cutting-edge technology with seamless connectivity to deliver an unparalleled customer experience across all channels

Experienced receptionists for every type of business

Empire Global helps businesses grow by offering smooth customer support that promotes customer satisfaction, increases their customer base, and supports expansion. The call center solutions provided by Empire Global are customized to meet the unique requirements of each business.

At Empire Global, our team of customer experience experts is dedicated to providing outstanding support to our clients. Our full-spectrum 24/7 support services include live chat, email, ticketing, voice assistance, back-end processing, transcription, data entry, and much more.


  • Cost: $$
  • Employees: 150-200
  • Quality: 5.0
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Founded 2015
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They are meticulous in their attention to detail and are able to gather valuable information from our customers, allowing us to effectively pursue leads.

Empire Global stands out from its competitors by consistently exceeding expectations. Their team is flexible and effective in communication, ensuring a smooth process. Clients have also praised their meticulous attention to detail and friendly approach.

We differentiate ourselves in the manner in which we aspire to be perceived by the public.

Empire Global assisted the client in distinguishing themselves in their field. They are a seasoned team that understands the distinction between a typical business and one that provides true expertise. The partners utilize both email and text messages for communication.

I am satisfied with my accomplishments thus far.

Since partnering with Empire Global, the client has been able to schedule appointments efficiently. The team is a pleasure to work with as they are receptive to new ideas and able to seamlessly integrate with the client's operations. In conclusion, customers can anticipate a professional, dependable, and cooperative partner.

I am employed in a high-pressure industry, and the team manages it exceptionally well

Thanks to Empire Global's efforts, the client has experienced a drastic reduction in the number of spam calls received daily, now receiving none. Their service also enables the client to avoid missing business opportunities even when phone service is unavailable. The team is prompt in their response and known for their efficiency and courteous demeanor when answering calls.